CGC June 2017 Floral Exhibition Preparations

The day before the Floral Exhibition is judged the horticulture specimens and floral designs are brought in for placement. Our horticulture teams helps with plant id and with the correct paperwork required for submission. The designers bring in and place their work and some decide to complete their installation in situ. Hospitality gathers and prices all the homemade goodies for sale while creating the platters for light refreshments offered to our visitors. Our talented artists and artisans deliver their work for display and sale. This is a 12 hour day for many of our members.

CGC June 2017 Floral Exhibition Set Up

The set up for our Floral Exhibition at the Harborfields Library in Greenlawn begins 3 days before the opening of the show. The tables are installed, the tablecloths are ironed and pinned so no one trips on the draping. Then the sections and signage are put into place awaiting the delivery of the horticulture and designs. The Art room is installed with display easels and tables. Ways and Means shares the room to display gardening and design items as well as garden inspired decor items for sale. Hospitality is set up to provide light refreshments and homemade bake sale goodies. 

Name That Long Island Town

Long Island Towns

 A little quiz to name that Long Island town. Answers are below. Don’t peek.

1.  Gardener’s Dream

2.  Lengthy Shore

3.  Monarch Dot

4.  Wine President

5.  Additional Wealth

6.  Droopy Port

7.  Partially Empty Elevations

8.  Old Lamb Village

9.  Hairless Victory

10.  Ordinary Scene

11.  Sunset Fruit

12.  Ocean Car

13.  Smart Liquids

14.  Rocky Stream

15.  Taxless Harbor

16.  Animal Playground

17.  A Cold Mouth

18.  Ben’s Geometric Figure

19.  A Small Spanish Greeting

20.  Sunrise Field

Answers are listed below.










1.  Garden City

2. Long Beach

3.  Kings Point

4.  Port Washington

5.  Moriches

6.  Sag Harbor

7.  Half Hollow Hills

8.  Muttontown

9.  Baldwin

10.  Plainview

11.  Westbury

12.  Seaford

13.  Brightwaters

14.  Stony Brook

15.  Freeport

16.  Locust Valley

17.  Islip

18.  Franklin Square

19.  Mineola

20.  East Meadow