Name That Long Island Town

Long Island Towns

 A little quiz to name that Long Island town. Answers are below. Don’t peek.

1.  Gardener’s Dream

2.  Lengthy Shore

3.  Monarch Dot

4.  Wine President

5.  Additional Wealth

6.  Droopy Port

7.  Partially Empty Elevations

8.  Old Lamb Village

9.  Hairless Victory

10.  Ordinary Scene

11.  Sunset Fruit

12.  Ocean Car

13.  Smart Liquids

14.  Rocky Stream

15.  Taxless Harbor

16.  Animal Playground

17.  A Cold Mouth

18.  Ben’s Geometric Figure

19.  A Small Spanish Greeting

20.  Sunrise Field

Answers are listed below.










1.  Garden City

2. Long Beach

3.  Kings Point

4.  Port Washington

5.  Moriches

6.  Sag Harbor

7.  Half Hollow Hills

8.  Muttontown

9.  Baldwin

10.  Plainview

11.  Westbury

12.  Seaford

13.  Brightwaters

14.  Stony Brook

15.  Freeport

16.  Locust Valley

17.  Islip

18.  Franklin Square

19.  Mineola

20.  East Meadow


Vanderbilt Rose Garden – Centerport Garden Club – 2014

The women of the Centerport Garden Club  maintain and tenderly care for the Rose Garden at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport NY.

Each week throughout the growing season a rotating group of volunteers assemble at the garden to weed, deadhead, mulch, rake, dig, plant, edge trim and sweep this historic garden. Club members have been tending this garden for decades. Community beautification is one of the missions of the Centerport Garden Club.

Thanks to our CGC member Monica Tehomilic for her excellent photography.

Bees and the Honey Crop – Conservation Report

Bees and the honey crop are stung by a record drought in CA.  This drought has lasted three years and is the latest blow to honeybees which pollinate one third of US crops.  The price for honey has nearly doubled.

To help bees, keep your dandelions and clover.  Use natural products on your lawn and plant hosta, cone flower, cleome, monarda, yarrow, honeysuckle, blueberry and raspberry bushes, cherry, willow, maple and chestnut trees

Contributor: Barbara Charnews